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Trybunał za wzmocnieniem ochrony praw autorskich w Polsce
O społecznym sensie prawa z Profesorem Andrzejem Zollem rozmawia Judyta Papp
•  Robert Kubica - big style come back
Polish F1 driver returns to game after 19 months of absence. Last Saturday, Robert Kubica underwent medical tests and on the next day he lined up for the Ronde Gomitolo di Lana. It was his first competition since his accident in the Ronde di Andora rally, which took place on February 6, 2011. Back then, he suffered multiple
•  Poland & Russia - urgent need for reconciliation
On the first day of January 1966 I was coming back from the Church of St Anne to the gothic Wawel Castle in the morning, wearing a cassock. I was going through the Main Square, on the level of the non-existing Gebetchner and Wolf Bookstore , so just after I had passed Wiślna Street. I met a middle-aged man, who
•  Russia & WTO - business more civilized
President Vladimir Putin ratified the Russia's World Trade Organization accession protocol. Therefore, Russia will officially become a member of the organization in 30 days. Russia signed the protocol on 16th December 2011, following almost 18 years of negotiations. Then, the protocol was ratified by both chambers of the Russian
•  Russians take over Bulgarian oil companies
Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, Russian politician, businessman and also the President of FIDE (World Chess Organisation) known for his meetings with Gadaffi and UFO, has recently acquired a 52.5% stake in Bulgarian petroleum company Petrol Holding through Swiss-based Credit Mediterranée. Russian journal 'Vedomosti' reports that
•  Gazprom postpones oil recovery in the Arctic
The Russian concern has delayed drilling activities in Prirazlomnaya field once again. It is the first oil field in the Arctic to be mined in Russia. The mining was supposed to start around the end of December and the beginning of January but Gazprom has postponed the works for autumn next year. According to a source
•  Nothing has been said - Benjamin Netanyahu's interview
Bild newspaper has interviewed the Prime Minister of Israel - Benjamin Netanyahu. The conversation was about Israel and Iran issues. Foreign minister of Germany, Guido Westerwelle wants to prevent the Iranian nuclear program through sanctions, the PM of Israel, Netanyahu claims, that it will just have effects on
•  Is Facebook account a duty?
We had phones, we had e-mails and now we have Facebook. Over the years Facebook has replaced both phones and e-mails for many Internet users. There is no need to call anyone when you can just easily access your Facebook account through your phone to exchange messages. Most importantly, it costs not a single
•  Eurozone inflation above expectations
The goal of 2 percent - unreal? The European Central Bank (ECB) informed that the inflation in the eurozone decreased to 2.6 percent year-on-year in April. This data is still higher than analysts' expectations. In March, the year-on-year inflation was 2.7 percent. Economists expected that in April it would decline to 2.5
•  Iran's banks to be blocked
Swift, the body that handles global banking transactions, says it will cut Iran's banks out of the system on Saturday to enforce sanctions. The move will isolate Iran financially by making it almost impossible for money to flow in and out of the country via official banking channels.It will hit its oil industry, but may also
•  UAE & Poland for economic cooperation
UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Lt.General HH Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs HH Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
•  Real Madrid Resort Island
European footballing giant Real Madrid has chosen Ras Al Khaimah's Marjan Island as the site for a branded theme park worth US $1 billion. Surely the nine European cups will not be moved out of the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. Real Madrid football club will spread its brand to the Middle East and Asia by lending its name to
•  Comarch - The ERP systems sold for PLN 100.5M.
• COMARCH - THE ERP SYSTEMS SOLD FOR PLN 100.5M. Comarch, one of the biggest Polish IT companies, plans a 10% increase in the sale of the company's management systems, which would exceed 110 million zlotys. Despite Comarch’s worsening micro-economic environment, in 2011 the sale of enterprise
•  The Vatican archives show
There are many myths concerning the secret history of the Catholic Church popularized by Dan Brown's novels. In the film adaptation of ‘Angels and Demons,’ hero Robert Langdon is seen consulting 400-year-old documents relating to the trial of heretic Galileo Galilei as he tries to crack a secret code. The movie
•  Kulczyk & Energy - three times Lucky!
Jan Kulczyk, Polish investor and one of the richest men in Poland, is still very interested in taking over two of Poland's electric-generation corporations: Enea and Energia. One of the companies controlled by Kulczyk has also recently acquired a gas-powered thermal power plant. Kulczyk Investments bought the Nowa Sarzyna
•  New natural gas field in Caspian sea
Iran has discovered a vast new natural gas field in the depths of the Caspian Sea, its Petroleum Minister Rostam Qasemi announced Sunday. The news was posted on the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum's news website, Shana. Qasemi told journalists at a news conference in Tehran the gas reserves were located
•  When the mind sleeps
Regardless of one's views and beliefs, sometimes it is just impossible to shake off the feeling of déjà vu experienced while observing (not only) contemporary history. The striking similarity of some mechanisms is so baffling that it actually makes one think that this whole concept of 'cyclical history' is not as absurd
•  Money moving on and moving out
Mr. Samir Seifan,a Dubai- based Syrian economist, estimated Syria's middle and upper classes had moved between three and five billion dollars out of the country since unrest broke out in March, alarmed by pressures on the currency and the dearth of investment opportunities. 'The easiest way to smuggle money
•  Of bears, tigers and lots of money
There was a recent hiccup out in the Far East that many in the Western world had not paid much attention to. We here in the US have enough trouble paying debt, so when Russia grew impatient about some oil debt from China, we glazed over the issue. For those of us who watch the oil markets a little closer, this was
•  Well designed networks do not fail
The UK boss of BlackBerry has apologised on Sky News to customers across the world who have been left without email or text service since the start of the week. Users in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Brazil, Chile and Argentina have continued to report problems with their devices. The problems, now in
•  Bangkok under water
Huge swathes of Thailand have been under water now for almost a month, due to continuous heavy rainfall and particularly in the northern regions. Although more than 300 people have lost their lives during this period, very little has hit the international media... until now, as Bangkok the capital is now also under
•  Legislative package
In Wroclaw, the European Union Finance Ministers have reached an agreement concerning six legislative acts, the so-called 'six-pack', which will strengthen the coordination of economic policies within the EU. The solutions contained within those acts are supposed to enable fast and formal completion of the legislative
•  Economy - it is nothing wrong
Everything is relative. Or at least everything that is human. A span of 20 years is almost an eternity for the computer world (when is the last time you have watched something on a VHS or used a floppy disk? As a memory-revoking medium they are almost as powerful as a Proustian Madeleine), whereas for a die-hard
•  Huge aspirations of Google+
Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg's brainchild, was, until now, the undisputed leader in the field of social networking sites. It has changed the way people spend their free time. It has influenced dating and relationships across all age groups. It has become an indispensable tool in everything from organizing
•  Polish EU presidency launched
First of July Poland has taken up the role of presidency of the Council of the European Union. According to established presidency program, Poland will focus on three priorities: European integration as a source of growth, secure Europe in aspects of food, energy and defence and 'Europe benefiting from openness'.
•  JP2 beatification process completed
Over the past six years, Christians around the world were waiting for the moment when John Paul II II would officially become blessed. These six years may seem a long waiting period, but it was one of the shortest beatification processes in the Church’s history. For the Catholics filling St. Peter's Square and its
•  The Royal wedding
The whole world stopped today to watch an event the likes of which happen only once every couple of decades. Over 2 billion people around the world watched Prince William and Kate Middleton say their vows in Westminster Abbey. What drew so many people to their TV sets and computers? Few things in the
•  Tablet wars
Research In Motion, the company famous for BlackBerry smartphones, is to release its newest creation - the tablet Playbook. It is going to face tough competition - the newly released Apple's iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy which has been on the world markets for three to five months, depending on particular release
•  Media tycoon to launch 4G in Poland
Zygmunt Solorz-Zak owns, among his other assets, Polsat TV and Polsat Digital platform. Now he means to spread his control over other media branches, namely mobile phone network and internet distribution. Vehemently. Solorz-Zak is looking for partners to take over Polkomtel, the company behind Plus
•  Obama and the polish question
Last week Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski flew to Washington to talk to Barack Obama. Their excellencies touched upon problems vital to the two countries as well as the world at large. The topics included the START program, aimed at reducing the number of nuclear armaments, or the relations with
•  Skype – not perfect, but everyone wants to have it
Cisco is planning to acquire Skype – the Internet phone service which already has 500 million users. Skype estimated its value at $5 billion, but this number seems to be overpriced. Skype has 8.1 million paying users who spend an average of $96 per year and recent reports show a loss of $368.6 million on revenue
•  John Paul II - to be beatified
When on the 14th of January the Vatican announced the exact date of the beatification of Pope John Paul II, traders began to chase after possible profits. Prices of airline tickets and of hotel rooms rose dramatically. And yet it is already hard to find any free hotel room or available plane ticket. The Rome officials expect
•  Ernst & Young on thin Ice
When two years ago one of the most legendary investment banks Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, the global financial markets were affected by a profound shock on a scale that was unheard of. Until October 2008, the United States had never dealt with such a large bankruptcy and as a result the whole world began to fight
•  Europe's new robes
In a few weeks Poland will take over presidency in European Union. This means that for at least the first part of the six months it will be under the influence of the Civic Platform, the party led by Donald Tusk who is famous for two things: his love for football and his trust in PR as the paramount tool in governing a country
•  Roar of the silent majority
The Muslim world is ablaze. The popular movement, dubbed by some as the Arab revolution, started in Tunisia and soon engulfed other countries of the Mediterranean coast of Africa. The flame also spread to the Middle East, as far as Yemen and Iran. Even oil-rich Kuwait is witnessing social unrest. It would be
•  Time Warner rises
The media giant Time Warner Inc. surprised the analysists by rapid rise in stock price last week. The gain itself was was expected as there was a 10% rise over 2010, but the 8,6% leap on Thursday exceeded the prognoses. Why have they gained so much? Well, it goes from strength to strength. Warner Bros., their
•  The cracking facade of the White House
Marc Faber, in his recent interviews for CNBC and Bloomberg TV criticized President Obama's activity in tackling the crisis by implementing control over the market, especially the recent proposal of imposing limits on banks. This is another voice against the Democrats’ President that shows that the initial enthusiasm
Big names
•  Wspomnienia o Bartoszewskim
W.Bartoszewski – zarówno z polskiej, jak i z europejskiej perspektywy – był postacią niezwykłą, fascynującą
•  Modi's successful selfie diplomacy
NEW DELHI - Last month, in front of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing
•  Hillary Clinton and The War on Women
November 5, 2014, 12:01AM Eastern Standard Time: The 2016 United States
•  A memory about Tadeusz Mazowiecki
In 1989, I was head of the best radio editorial team in Poland at the time
•  Jan Wejchert - the Polish dream
'Success', 'Vision & Innovation', 'Social Engagement'. These three categories
•  Nowosielski – a giant of thought
Jerzy Nowosielski is generally perceived as an author of icons and church
•  Porebski's death anniversary
Mieczyslaw Porebski, a renowned Polish art historian, critic and academic
•  Henryk Gorecki – the master of silent
In the early 1990s, at the peak of his popularity, Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki
•  George Morris - horsemanship guru
The long tradition of horse riding has its reflection in the geographic scope
•  Thatcher - a politician with a vision
When she became head of the British government, Great Britain had
•  Hasior - the power of imagination
In Poland, Wladyslaw Hasior is regarded as one of the pioneers of pop-art and

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