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   31 May 2012
Despite the fact that no football game will be held in Cracow during the UEFA EURO 2012, this city was chosen by three national teams (England, the Netherlands and Italy) as their team base camp during the championship. Due to this reason, Cracow is preparing a rich offer for football fans and European tourists.
First of all - The Fun Krakow Zone
For the duration of the UEFA EURO 2012 football championship, a public viewing zone will be set up in Cracow under the name of Fun Krakow. It will be located in the very center of the city between two state-of-the-art stadiums of the Cracow-based teams of Wisła Cracow and Cracovia (serving as training centers for Dutch and Italian teams, respectively), in the Cracow Blonia park. Primarily, the Krakow zone (140 square meters) will be a place where all the games played during the Championship will be shown.
The most devoted football fans will have the chance to see their favorite players' efforts from a special VIP stand. The zone will be able to welcome as many as 30 thousand people. Visitors to Fun Krakow may expect to enjoy broad gastronomic and cultural offerings. The culinary zone will draw from the regional cuisines of the teams staying in Cracow, and will be completed with an entertainment zone and ecological zone, reminding visitors of social responsibility and respect for the natural environment. The motto of the Krakow zone will be 'Multiculturalism' - that is why the planned attractions and events will relate to the teams' countries of origin. A football pitch will also be integrated into the Krakow zone where amateurs and professionals alike will be able to compete in their own tournaments and win their own trophies.
The Fun Krakow zone will be open throughout the Championship - from 8 June until 1 July - including the days when no games will be played. At that time, the event's official partners will offer football fans all the various forms of spending time in an engaging way. These will include numerous competitions with attractive prizes, an attempt at breaking the record in playing boom whackers and showcasing of Lesser Poland.
Location and access
The Blonia Park, where the Fun Krakow zone will be located, is situated on Focha Avenue and 3 Maja Avenue that intersect with Mickiewicza Avenue, one of the main communication routes in Cracow. From the Old Town Main Market Square, located in the very center of the city, the Blonia Park can be reached on foot within 15 minutes.
Open training sessions
There are three official training sessions open for the public that are being held in Cracow. The Italian team will have its session on 5 June at 7:00 PM in Cracovia Stadium. The tickets will be issued at the InfoKrakow point at Powisle Street 11 (at the Tourist Service Center). Anyone who collects one of the 25 thousand free-of-charge entry tickets will get a chance to see the Dutch players live during an open training session on 6 June at 5:30 PM at Wisla Stadium. The open training session of the English team will be held on 8 June at 10:30 AM at Suche Stawy Stadium in Nowa Huta.
The tickets will be issued at the InfoKraków point at Powisle Street 11 (at the Tourist Service centre) between 2 and 6 June. Current information on the Cracow events related to EURO 2012 is available at:
Not only football
There are many cultural events and music festivals to be held that month in Cracow. Between watching matches and sharing real football emotions in the Fun Krakow zone, it will be worth listening to good electronic music (during the Burn Selector Festival, 1-2 June), watching a colorful parade of dragons (Grand PGNiG Dragon Parade, 2-3 June) or visiting the exhibitions organized within the Photomonth in Cracow (17 May-17 June) There will also be a chance to see a colorful Lajkonik procession (14 June). Lovers of documentary movies, animations and short feature films cannot miss the Cracow Film Festival, the grand finale of which is also planned for the beginning of June (the festival will begin on the 28th of May and end on the 3rd of June).
Useful information
The city's official website contains a bookmark dedicated to the EURO 2012 in Cracow, presenting practical information on the city as well as interesting facts regarding Cracow's connections with England, Italy and the Netherlands: Information about accommodation, cultural and sports events in Cracow is also available at two official portals dedicated to EURO 2012: Polish Pass and the Polish Guide.

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