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Trybunał za wzmocnieniem ochrony praw autorskich w Polsce
O społecznym sensie prawa z Profesorem Andrzejem Zollem rozmawia Judyta Papp
   Mar 24, 2014
The elderly people may well remember that the inconspicuous man became the tormentor of the mankind when the frustrated and quarreling Germans entrusted him with unlimited power and accepted his fanatic cult as the leader of Great Germany!
The scenarios of creating the cult of a strong leader, the mechanisms of establishing totalitarian systems, their methods of conquering the world and the process of the systems’ inevitable fall - they are always similar. In the eyes of the world, the Russian Putinism matured to the state of unconstrained aggression and annexation.
The middle-aged and elderly people believed in the importance of great social movements aimed at overthrowing totalitarian systems! Nobody expected that there was a nonviolent way to eliminate communism in Europe. It turned out that it was sufficient to organize a public protest of citizens determined to throw the totalitarian power in garbage - along with its sophisticated oppression and persecution.
On the Kiev Maidan, the young, middle-aged and elderly people learned that they have the power to free their nation from the dictatorship of unjust and the reach oligarchs and the corrupted government.

On the other hand - the experiences of successful social movements have taught us that a law-abiding country and civil society cannot be constituted on the basis of street revolts. In such a sudden overthrowal of a harmful, completely corrupted system of Yanukovitsh’s power, the reaction of the free world had a huge meaning: the threat to the interests of its followers and decisive - moral and practical - support to the rebellious Ukrainian by the Western countries and societies, by its closest neighbors!
Maybe the politicians will eventually see that Putin did not have such significance. He is only a little man, who suffers from the excess of domineering ambition, mentally handicapped because of his megalomania, devoid of ethic culture. Perhaps they would finally stop treating him like a sinister wild beast and would see that he's just another candidate for a criminal, begging to absolve him of guilt. The history of world proves that all dictators, aggressors and conquerors saw such ashamefull faith.
The general Russian enthusiasm regarding the Crimean affiliation proves their total blindness: in fact, Putin was disgracefully defeated; he got a impoverished peninsula at the cost of ultimate loss of the great, potentially wealthy and culturally close Ukraine. Is the international condemnation of Crimea’s annexation and world’s distrustful attitude towards Russia a reason to celebrate Putin's political success and genius?
Maybe the leaders of democratic nations will realize that rather counting on Putin’s miraculous retreat from the way of unlawful territorial expansion should appeal directly to the Russians because they created such unpredictable Putin! To millions fascinated by his aggressive despot’s nature, who let themselves be enraptured by his superpower’s vision and they blindly trust their omnipotent, victorious leader.
Currently the only real chance to avoid a world disaster is to deprive Putin of such strong and massive support in post-communist society that enthusiastically affirms his dictatorial behavior, which encourages and authorizes him to aggressive, possessive actions.
It is necessary to start talk with Russian – often heroic opposition, with intellectuals, with the young, for whom the openness to the world is a matter of life. It is also necessary to get at broad circles of this multi – national Russian people with the message that aggression and possessive ambitions of Putin lead to unbelievable conflict of Russia with the world, the effects of which will be most severely felt by the perpetrators – the Russians.
It is necessary to make the Russians aware that insane policy of annexing foreign territories and neighboring countries under the banner of DEFENCE OF THE COMPATRIOTS will lead to outbreak of common hate to millions of ethnics Russians living outside the borders of Russia! Other nations will fear the Russians, true persecution and expulsion of vast Russian diaspora from countries of their settlement will begin. Do the Russians want their compatriots to share the fate of people unexpected, unloved and unwanted? Don’t the Russians remember the price paid by Russia and the whole world for predatory aspirations of Nazi Germany? Have the Russians forgotten harms done to them by their fanatic cult of Stalin? Do they want their children and grandchildren to be ashamed and apologize for their parents that they had endowed the world with rampant Putin?
Not only in politics – trust and respect are very difficult to regain once lost …
It is necessary to make the Russians aware that escalation of policy of destabilization and attaching to Russia new and new areas of poverty and underdevelopment will lead to increase of citizens’ encumbrances and retaliatory political and economical isolation of Russia – panic escape of capital has already started – will thrust its underdeveloped economy into long-time collapse. It is necessary to ask Russians what other sufferings and calamities must occur for them to realize where Putin is leading them to?
Simultaneously the opponents of Putin should be more effectively supported. They should be invited to various countries in order to get to know better standards of life in the free world, to see examples of good solutions of democratic civilizations and have arguments in their resistance against the ideology of Putinism. It is necessary to endow on mass scale young urban and country poor people with educational scholarships that they be not doomed to still live tradition of tsarist – kolkhoz mentality.
It is about stimulating the process of political empowerment of the Russian society in order they feel themselves as citizens, they want freedom and dare to demand democracy. No external pressure will stop Putin’s aggression as long as he has the tools to carry out his insane ambitions. It is necessary to change the false consciousness of the people who created him and keep him at power in the sense of false pride…
Breaking of the cult of Putin and his pugnacious policy requires intensive, multi – directional work on the change of false consciousness of the majority of Russian citizens. During the times of the Cold War many effective forms and ways of sustaining the spirit of resistance to communist system were developed in the countries of the Soviet block. We remember well what significance had live contacts with the Western world for the Poles. It is necessary to get at the Russians with good, true and rich information to rectify common knowledge about the world and Putin’s policy. It is necessary to make use of capabilities of various modern media in order the world be able to come to every Russian and encourage him to reflections about his or her reality…
The UN and OSCE should urgently prepare a detailed report of the Russian aggression on Ukraine: preparations for the assault, smuggling of masked subversives, intrusion of Russian troops on its territory, unlawful overthrow of the local authorities of Crimea, persecution of the defenders of the appurtenance of Crimea to Ukraine, organization of illegal referendum i breaching the international law – the official annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula to the Russian Federation.
The report should list all the facts that prove that Russia is breaking the binding international - humanitarian, political, economic, property and war - laws and conventions.
That should clearly describe and give examples of the particularly brute character of the Russian aggression in Ukraine - the perversion of aggressors, so rare in the civilized world.
The important task of the report is to correct the populist lies of the Russian authorities that there is the necessity to seize the Ukrainian country. The report should also mention the deceitful legitimating of the aggression, justified by the following precedents:
• The argument that Crimea has always belonged to Russia is worth as much as the claim that Alaska is Russian (an extract from press: Russian Ambassador: ‘Tell McCain that he’d better care about Alaska instead of Moldova’). Following the argument of a country's historical right to its former lands may question the lawfulness and the integrity of majority of countries whose borders are not restricted only their original territories!
• The argument of protecting the fellow Russians is a cynical lie - the Russians are not persecuted anywhere! Nevertheless, it is true that the Russians persecute and deceitfully murder the resisting inhabitants of the areas.
• It is a lie that the Russian troops gave independence to the Crimean Autonomy - they forcefully annexed an ethnically diverse population of Crimea to Russia: they brought the persecution of the Ukrainians and Tatars, political kidnappings and killings, the occupation of the Ukrainian cultural, economic and military property.
• It is also a lie that there is the precedent of Kosovo: Kosovo was not annexed to Albania! The country, mainly inhabited by original Albanians, gained internationally recognized independence due to the escalation of repressions that bordered genocide. The Russians are the authors of the precedent of dominating sovereign countries and annexing their regions in Europe. Their victims are Chechenia, Southern Osetia, Abhasia and the Crimea Autonomy. What about Moldova?
In the face of the unthinkable cinicism of the Putinian method in destabilizing the conditions of numerous (not only neighboring) countries, the civilized states - obliged by the political culture to respect the values and principles of the coexistence of nations - are, in the essence, on the weak part. Putin knows that and he is doing whatever he wants, including the use of legal and ethical limits of the democratic governments. He openly incites national and racial hatred, agitates citizens against their own governments with deceitful propaganda, instigates people against other people, terrorizes his neighbors with obstructions, threats of border maneuvers and legalizes one annexation after another using the grotesque manner of Byzantine elevation.
The scandalous annexation of Crimea should be a groundbreaking moment in the aggressive plans and actions of Putinian Russia: the final failure of the world power aspiration of the nation demoralized by communism. Even if the prevention of the Ukrainian peninsula, being annexed by Russia, does not succeed, the European standard of Ukraine’s modern development will be a strong stimulus to drop the Putinian visions of the world that consists of unlawfulness and despotism.
The world cannot agree on the triumph of barbarianism, on the cynical breach of the elementary principles of the coexistence of nations!
It is high time for the intellectuals from the West and the East to hear the calling of time and feel obliged to accept their responsibility for the world! It is important to imagine what may happen if Putin’s aggressive policy escalates and if it becomes a model and encouragement for other nations, if the African countries follow Putin’s example and start reviewing the post-colonial borders of their countries...
The European politicians should refer to the Ukrainians and Crimeans with a clear explanation that the historical opportunities and the economic profits will ensure them the accession to the European Union! In a few years Ukraine will become a modernized country with developed economy and modern life standard. It is important to say to the Crimeans that, by joining underdeveloped Russia, they will be doomed to live in poverty and backwardness of a totalitarian country, separated from the democratic world and progress.
While watching the furious euphoria of the Crimean Russians being freed from the Ukrainian oppression, one would, unwillingly, like to wish that The Criemans will become bitterly regretful of their blind faith in the Russian paradise, that they will kick themselves when they realize that they naively allowed Putin to trick them. The people create their dictator and the people - when they open their eyes - may overthrow him.

Author: Stefan Papp / ©
Photos: Kremlin

Polish version

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He is a very good writer……he has lived through much in his life….I respect that tremendously.
Posted: 2014 04.02 15:36 Michael

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