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   15 Mar 2012
Comarch, one of the biggest Polish IT companies, plans a 10% increase in the sale of the company's management systems, which would exceed 110 million zlotys.
Despite Comarch’s worsening micro-economic environment, in 2011 the sale of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems increased as previously declared. Revenue from this division amounted to 100.5 million zlotys, which was 2 percent higher than the year before. After nine months, however, the progress of revenue amounted to 11%. Plans for the whole year also forecasted a two-digit progress in revenue. 'We are content with last year’s results from our division. It could have been better, however, since potential clients are constantly being flooded with information about the crisis and, thus, are afraid of investing,' explains Zbigniew Rymarczyk, Comarch’s Vice-President responsible for the ERP division. He reminds that Asseco Business Solution, their direct competitor, in 2011 recorded a 6% decrease in turnover. He also pointed out that at the turn of 2011 and 2012 companies bought software updates due to alterations in VAT, which had a positive influence on the sales results of manufacturers of ERP systems in 2010.
ERP is of the five most important divisions of Comarch. The Corporation sells apps to big companies (they are distributed directly and by partners) and systems to small companies, so-called BOX, which are also available via the Internet. Within the framework of the division, the business intelligence (BI) class solutions are offered which support making management decisions.
The sale of apps to big companies increased in 2011 the fastest - by 46%. According to Rymarczyk, foreign sales were quite good, recording a 47% increase to 3.2 million zlotys. The sales of apps in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, in the so-called cloud, gained much significance. The revenues from this source were 30% higher than in 2010 and exceeded 3 million zlotys. The sales of BI were 19-percent higher than in 2010. In 2011 Comach acquired 7000 new clients (on a similar number of positions where its systems started working). In total, there are 80,000 posts. The market group Prima Moda, among others, joined the group. Also, Pol-Aqua decided to extend the co-operation. In addition, Comarch supplied a dedicated server BI for BGK.
This year, the Cracow-based Corporation hopes to obtain an increase in turnover of the ERP division. 'Our goal for this year is to get a 10% increase in turnover,' says Rymarczyk. It means that revenue from this source exceeds 110 million zlotys. He believes that the driver of the development will be the sale of apps in the software-as-a-service model. 'Demand for ERP systems will be stimulated by the growing impact of e-commerce. E-shops are developing and growing fast and, as a result, require management tools,' he explains. Comarch puts faith in the new tools, including the ones for e-invoicing or selling products on the Internet, which would enable a customer to put on-line all the products from their storehouse. ‘There are 60,000 products available on iMall24,' claims Rymarczyk. He supports the statement that the platform will, in the future, become a competitor to Allegro. 'By the end of the year we hope that there will be at least 100,000 products on the platform. However, there could be even more of them,' he adds. He declared that the platform will be open for individual clients to sell their products in autumn. iMall24 plans to profit from advertising. ©


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