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Trybunał za wzmocnieniem ochrony praw autorskich w Polsce
O społecznym sensie prawa z Profesorem Andrzejem Zollem rozmawia Judyta Papp
Through the looking glass
•  Russians take over Bulgarian oil companies
Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, Russian politician, businessman and also the President of FIDE (World Chess Organisation) known for his meetings with Gadaffi and UFO, has recently acquired a 52.5% stake in the Bulgarian petroleum company Petrol Holding through Swiss-based Credit Mediterranée.
•  The people create the dictators...
The elderly people may well remember that the inconspicuous man became the tormentor of the mankind when the frustrated and quarreling Germans entrusted him with unlimited power and accepted his fanatic cult as the leader of Great Germany!
•  The EU and Energy Union
Cooperation to improve Europe's energy security must not come at the expense of the resilient, competitive and low carbon energy system we need for the future, writes Nick Mabey. Nick Mabey is the founding director of E3G, a think tank dedicated to accelerating Europe's low carbon energy transition
•  U.S. energy production
While everyone was distracted by war, healthcare, the housing market, and the government shutdown, energy was bounding. We have discussed the years-long rollercoaster ride so many investors, consumers, politicians, small businesses - okay, citizens - have been stuck on. It is now finally possible to see the light
•  Putin & Obama: déjà vu all over again
So the push-pull drama of Vladimir Putin and the 'civilized' world continues. Where does it end? In fact; does it end? What, if anything can be done to stem the flow of aggression from the new Eastern Front? It is of course far more complex than halting aggression in Ukraine.
•  Germany's role in the world
Reflections on responsibility, norms and alliances by Federal President Joachim Gauck to open 50th Munich Security Conference. The five decades of the Munich Security Conference mirror a large part of the Federal Republic's history: from the defense of the West to global governance and from military science
•  For this new year...
These are beautiful, uplifting moments, when the mankind celebrates exchange of new year wishes of health, happiness and successes! The ability to fully enjoy the appeals of life depends on health. Luck allows us to succeed in winning desired goods. Successes ensure promotions and even bigger money…
•  The Global Conflicts to Watch in 2014
As South Sudan, the world's newest country, veers dangerously close to ethnic civil war, we're already getting a glimpse of the international crises that could greet us in the new year. Now the Center for Preventive Action, an affiliate of the Council on Foreign Relations, has presented a more comprehensive
•  Memorable date
Exactly thirty-two years ago, on 13 December 1981, the martial law was introduced in Poland. People who went to sleep early and did not watch TV on midnight woke up in a completely different reality. The country was frozen, covered in snow and separated from the rest of the world
•  Being able to kick
How beautiful it would be, if the Polish national football representation gave their supporters a moment of joy. How wonderful it would be if we were able to feel pride of our government. However, looks like these things won't come easy. It seems that apart from many various reasons for this lack of moments of
•  NBP's President on the US budget crisis
'The longer the US budget troubles last, the longer the FED will maintain its current policy of quantitative easing, or buying of bonds,' said the President of NBP during the conference in New York organized by the Kosciuszko Foundation on the topic of the Polish economy. Four days before the end of the current act
•  Science in Poland – as bad as it looks?
In 2012, The European Research Council awarded research grants to 536 projects. Among them, only one was awarded to a Polish project. What is wrong with Polish science? The only grant awarded to a Polish researcher in the 2012 edition was given to Justyna Olko of the University of Warsaw.
•  Manipulated quality?
Man has always had dreams and even though many of them are quite unrealistic, we do not abandon them. We try to fulfill them even when they unknowingly turn into a dangerous temptation that then becomes a crucial part of the program of our lives. Those who accept this temptation are exposing the world of
•  Apple - from a whole new perspective
Apple's results released on Tuesday showed a 20% rise in iPhone sales in the latest quarter, beating analyst expectations. The figures came in as Apple tries to assure analysts that the company can still be innovative. Apple's sales of older, less expensive iPhones climbed in its latest quarter, highlighting the challenges facing
•  Moretti - from Benedict to Berlusconi
Can Italian filmmaker Nanni Moretti see the future? Given recent events in Italy, two of his films, 'We Have a Pope' and 'Il Caimano', suggest that indeed he can. Since 1994, when he made his entrance into the world of Italian politics, Silvio Berlusconi has been involved in more than thirty court cases. That fact explains why
•  Right or left – keep going straight!
As a matter of fact, this is a topic for a serious work; however, without trying to define even the most important parts of those notions, it is possible to pose several questions to which everyone may find the answers on their own. The easiest thing is to distinguish the right and the left part of the body, hand or leg
•  A victory at the cost of life
On the 5th of March 2013 we were informed that the Polish Himalayan mountaineers have climbed Broad Peek, known also as Falchan Kangri or K3 (8,051 meters). The fact that the Polish mountaineers have climbed, in winter conditions, yet another Himalayan peak, the tenth out of the fourteen eight-thousanders
•  Pope Francis - poverty has its limits, wealth knows no bounds
The abdication of Benedict XVI was no less surprising than the election of the new Pope and only few envisaged that Jorge Maria Bergoglio, one of the main candidates for the function after the death of John Paul II in 2005, would become the Bishop of Rome. Bergoglio, the first Pope born on the American continent
•  Show us the one you have chosen
The unexpected resignation of the Pope Benedict XVI from the honourable service in the Catholic Church, which is the succession in the See of St. Peter in Rome and related to the highest papal authority, has sparked great interest of the global public opinion and caused a wide range of opinions not only regarding
•  The end of the world did not come
This is not the first time that shamans and frauds, who know the endlessness of people's ignorance and its potential as a source of money, have predicted the end of the world (on December 21, 2012). The proof of those claims was supposed to be the Mayan calendar; however, any excuse would suffice to name
•  Mr. Dependable is now Mr. President
Indian presidential election has hardly ever been a scoop even for Indians, which actually isn't that surprising if we take a look at the Indian constitution and what it says about the post of the president (indirect system of voting is another argument). British parliamentary democracy served as the main inspiration
•  President Putin - enter the dragon
On the first day of his third tenure as President of Russia, Vladimir Putin has recommended, among others, increases in income, in social allowances and in the number of mortgages, announced the Russian daily 'Vedomosti'. For example, President Vladimir Putin ordered Russia to improve its World Bank ranking from
•  Forecasts for Greece
Scroll down international football's roll of honour and it is striking how many times a football team offered some succour to a beleaguered nation. People labouring under dictatorships, whether communist or fascist, have been granted a temporary relief from their daily troubles. Which brings us to Greece. Financially
•  Suddenly freedom matters
Arabs, people who have been scared to do anything about the authoritarian governments for the last 50 years, have finally noticed it is time for changes. Libya said 'no' to Muammar Gaddafi, and the Syrian people thought they could do the same with Bashar al-Assad. Libya succeeded;Syrians are still trying to make

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Through the looking-glass
•  Moretti - from Benedict to Berlusconi
Can Italian filmmaker Nanni Moretti see the future? Given recent events in Italy
•  Stamp humor of the underground
During hard times when the society is subjected to significant restrictions
•  Right or left – keep going straight
As a matter of fact, this is a topic for a serious work; however, without trying
•  A Victory at the cost of life
On the 5th of March 2013 we were informed that the Polish Himalayan
•  Pieronek: Show us the one you've chosen
The unexpected resignation of Pope Benedict XVI from the honourable

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