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Trybunał za wzmocnieniem ochrony praw autorskich w Polsce
O społecznym sensie prawa z Profesorem Andrzejem Zollem rozmawia Judyta Papp
   Jul 02, 2013
Every country with a successful economy has its trademark, thus, champagne is obviously associated with France, best fashion designs with Italy and Belgium is famous for chocolate. When asked about Poland, foreigners immediately associate it with such historic individuals as John Paul II, Lech Walesa and Frederic Chopin. However, marketing specialists underline that promotion of a country is as much about culture as about the economy, therefore, to create an image, it is necessary to emphasize national brands. Poland has much to offer in this respect.

Polish companies are doing especially well in the field of construction. One of the best examples is Fakro, the second-largest windows and skylights provider worldwide. It is one of the Polish companies that does business with customers in all parts of the world with 15% share in the market. It is the inventor of numerous, unique construction solutions protected by dozens of exclusive patents. Established in 1991, Fakro is currently the most dynamic and the fastest growing company in the industry. The high quality of its products was confirmed with the prestigious Economic Award of the President of Poland for the company's special contribution to building the prestige of the Polish economy and its presence in the global market.
Fakro has to complete with Oknoplast, another Polish company ranked high on the list of cutting edge carpentry producers in Europe. In its 19-year history, Oknoplast managed to open 1520 stores in Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, France, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland. The company received prestigious Q-Zert quality certificate awarded by the German institute of ift Rosenheim. Football fans are familiar with the logo of the company that can be seen during matches with Inter Milan. In 2012, before the EURO Championship organized by Poland and Ukraine, the company became the main sponsor of the club.
Solaris is a bus and coach producer that developed from the state-owned and run-down facility in the Polish city of Poznan. Within three years it had become the national leader in this field. Headed by Krzysztof Olszewski, a team of Polish engineers created an entirely new brand of Solaris Urbino. The company's flagship product are city buses which can be seen on the streets of cities and towns in Austria, the Czech Republic, Norway, Belgium, Romania, Switzerland, Estonia, France, Germany and Italy. Solaris was the European pioneer that introduced hybrid-motor buses. At present, about 70% of the company’s production is exported even to such a far region like the United Arab Emirates. In 2004, the company was awarded the second position in the Bus of the Year competition.
Another highly recognizable Polish company is ComArch, a global provider of IT systems for the most important economic sectors: telecommunication, banking, finances, insurance, trade and services, public administration, and utilities for medium-sized-enterprises. Based in Cracow, the company was established 20 years ago by a group of 12 students of the AGH University of Science and Technology. During those years, ComArch became the leader of IT solutions in Europe and managed to open ComArch Software with offices in Dresden and Frankfurt, as well as ComArch Inc. in the United States. It is the sponsor of German football club TSV 1860 Munich.
As for software solutions, every game player is familiar with the character of the Witcher, created by CD Projekt on the basis of the works by famous Polish fantasy writer Andrzej Sapkowski. Established in 1996, CD Projekt focuses not only on distribution of video games and movies, but also on the creation of its own games in the Witcher and Cyberpunk universes. It is one of the most respected RPG producers worldwide, employing 150 Polish and foreign world-class experts in animation, software and design. Its catalogue comprises 500 titles. Recently, CD Projekt extended its offer to books sold via the digital platform Its ultra-modern business operates mainly in the American and Western markets and is positioned among the cutting edge software producers and distributors.
Polish companies are also successful in the textile industry and the best proof of that is Reserved with over 300 international stores, mainly in Russia where it is recognized as a prestigious and posh brand of clothes. The success of the company is a perfect example of the efficient image building. As far as clothes and textile industry is concerned, Reserved is not the only one in the eastern market because of the presence of leather goods producer - Wittchen. Named after the founder of the venture, Jedrzej Wittchen, it offers top-class, hand-made leather products of quality recognized by customers worldwide. It is very popular in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus and its classic logo became the symbol of luxury and prestige.
In the field of luxury products, a remarkable representative of Poland is Apart, the unquestionable leader of the national jewelry production. It is an important player in the international market. Its success is an example of skillful organization and administration, individual attitude to business and catchy name comprising the word 'art' that symbolizes the company’s emphasis on aesthetics and taste. With 186 stores, it has 1800 employees and its owner, Adam Raczynski, was ranked 88th on the list of the richest people in Poland. In its 35-year history, Apart was awarded many prestigious prizes, including the international distinction of European Trusted Brands given by the Reader’s Digest. It was recognized for the unique quality of its products.
Poland is also famous for food products with vodka as its flagship, appreciated by consumers in all parts of the world. The most popular is Wyborowa, the first vodka ever registered (1927). Two thirds of its huge production is exported to 80 countries worldwide and the company has been ranked 6th on the list of the best spirit producers next to such renowned brands as Stolichnaya, Smirnoff, Finlandia and Absolut. The brand is competing with another Polish-origin spirits brand - Sobieski, named after the 17-century Polish king. The brand is especially popular in the US where it is largely focused on promotion and image building. In commercials broadcasted in nationwide TV networks, the CEO of Polmos (the owner of the brand) is accompanied by Bruce Willis who also owns shares in Sobieski. In the field of vodka production, there is another notable brand called Orkisz offering the spirit made of spelt (also called dinkel wheat), an exclusively Polish wheat type grown at the foot of the Polish Tatra Mountains. Those brands are the most important ones because their names trigger close associations with Poland.
The spirit of the Polish enterprise is perfectly embodied by Inglot, the producer of cosmetics offered at all international events. The history of the company is dated back to the 70’s and the company has managed to develop a wide portfolio of beauty products. Having achieved success in the domestic market, the company opened its first franchise in Montreal, Canada. After only a few years, its development became so exponential that it is currently available on six continents in 50 countries and its cosmetics are sold on the most important commercial streets and department stores, like Coin (Italy), Woolworths (South Africa), V&D (the Netherlands) and the American Macy’s. Inglot is planning to continue its global expansion.
When talking about the Polish contribution to the global economy, one cannot forget about PZL Mielec, a part of the giant aviation producer Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. Based in Mielec (a city in southern Poland), the company is the biggest Polish aircraft producer.

Under the Sikorsky brand (the global potentate of helicopter production), PZL Mielec offers such famous products as the Black Hawk. It cooperates with such big players as Spirit Aerosystem, Pratt & Whitney Canada, SAAB Aerostructures. Most of its production is aimed at foreign customers.

Author: Grzegorz Zawora / ©

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The Witcher 1 - one good, juicy RPG. Witcher 2 - even better. Next Witcher is coming soon and I can't wait to play. Speaking of Polish games, Call of Juarez should be mentioned here, as well as Dead Island. Next on the list of Polish stuff to try: Polish vodka.
Posted: 2013 07.24 21:58 Phil G.

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